Welcome to ASS Markets!

ASS Markets financial group is a professional investment company to provide global customers with foreign exchange margin trading services.

We have a strong, experienced team and advanced online trading platform.

24/7 online team, assist our customers to catch every opportunity and optimal profits.

  • Product Advantages

    Product Advantages

    24 hours global market,direct trading by yourself.

  • Platform Supervision

    Platform Supervision

    Licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission(ASIC)

  • Cost Advantages

    Cost Advantage

    The platform offers the most competitive transaction costs to customers, allows customers to trade and implement low costs transaction in the ever-changing market environment.

  • Services Advantages

    Services Advantage

    24 hours online, providing financial market consultation for customers

In here, best product and best services for you!

ASS Markets financial group provide more than 100 choices for you

You can participate in a wide range of markets, including foreign exchange,precious metals, energy, stock index, etc.

  • 24 hours of uninterrupted trading can trade nearly 50 currencies, high market transparency and convenient trading environment.

    lever 1:50-1:100

  • Low commissions cost, simultaneous global online trading, full range of precious metal products

    lever 1:25-1:50

  • Brent, US crude oil and energy trading products. Global simultaneous quotation!

    lever 1:25-1:50

  • The best choice of spot and futures, it can hedge portfolio risk.

    lever 1:25-1:50

Trading Platform : MT4 for PC

With complete specifications and wide range of functions, inviting you to enjoy the high quality and top-level trading environment.


Choose ASS Markets, ensure your funds safety

ASS Markets, one of the best global online trading financial group.

Except provide excellent trading conditions and customer support, our company aims to ensure the safety of customers' funds.

With the continuous recognition of excellent service, good reputation and various awards from all over the world.

Company can ensure safety, transparency and integrality.

  • ASS Markets 1. Well-known financial institutions

    Long term partner with Citibank and DBS, ensure funds safety and reduce the default risk.

  • ASS Markets 2. Separation and storage of funds

    Keep customer funds and company's own funds safely separated and independent.Customer accounts are strictly monitored.

  • ASS Markets 3.Convenient funds access

    Easy to deposit, withdraw money into your accounts.

  • ASS Markets 4. Support wire transfer and UnionPay cash deposit

    Our mobility solution is based on the transaction processing procedure with the top quotation supplier.

Different types account can be established for different types of users

  • ASS Markets
    Demo Account Sign up>

    No need to pay for anything, only for newbie to practice.

  • ASS Markets
    Standard Account Sign up>

    Can do the transaction of gold and silver index and other CFO products and 61 foreign currency.

  • ASS Markets
    Business Account Sign up>

    If you are a customer who has large funds and certain customer resources, we would like to offer professional guidance and personal services to you.